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ARGH!!!!!!…. shhhh …
i cried when i woke up from that nightmare ; last afternoon i was alone in the room sleeping i had this dream ; first it was happy saying that we are going to a gig one of my favorite rock band will play my favorite music; but then my girlfriend Raiv ; came in the scene ; !! it was so unexpected because she doesn’t want that kind of gathering (gig!) but then i was so happy because im going to be with her ; when im about to call her ; she did not respond ; i run and follow her but someone got her the scene says that she doesn’t love me anymore ; i already touch try to get her back but it seems that there’s no feeling anymore ; i cried a lot in front of her but there’s no effect even thou i begged ; ” lets go home” she said ; “no, i can’t I’m going with him ; it ruined my heart it made me cry;yes that’s only a dream but i really don’t know what I’m going to do if that really happens ; i love her i don’t want to lose her




– i love you .. yes, there are times that im not good; im pissing you off and even i cheated you once(heheh).. i believed that we’re destined to be.. not because of the love that we shared before; sharing now and will share in the future ; i know that God sent you to be my angel ; to guide me and to love me with all of your heart ; im so thankful that of all girls in this world he gave me such a one in a million girl that anyone or every man is wanting and dreaming to have to have ; im so blessed and its been a pleasure to have you ; i will love you for the rest of my life ; i hope you feel the same way too…;)


☻ true love ☻

i do believe that lord above;
created you for me to love
he picks you up from all the best
because he knows i love you best

when i go to heaven and your not there
ill wait for you in the golden stairs
but if you’ll not come on the
judgment day i know you went the other way

so ill return my angel’s wing
my golden lamp and everything
to prove to you my love is true
I’ll go to hell to be with you