ARGH!!!!!!…. shhhh …
i cried when i woke up from that nightmare ; last afternoon i was alone in the room sleeping i had this dream ; first it was happy saying that we are going to a gig one of my favorite rock band will play my favorite music; but then my girlfriend Raiv ; came in the scene ; !! it was so unexpected because she doesn’t want that kind of gathering (gig!) but then i was so happy because im going to be with her ; when im about to call her ; she did not respond ; i run and follow her but someone got her the scene says that she doesn’t love me anymore ; i already touch try to get her back but it seems that there’s no feeling anymore ; i cried a lot in front of her but there’s no effect even thou i begged ; ” lets go home” she said ; “no, i can’t I’m going with him ; it ruined my heart it made me cry;yes that’s only a dream but i really don’t know what I’m going to do if that really happens ; i love her i don’t want to lose her



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