☻ true love ☻

i do believe that lord above;
created you for me to love
he picks you up from all the best
because he knows i love you best

when i go to heaven and your not there
ill wait for you in the golden stairs
but if you’ll not come on the
judgment day i know you went the other way

so ill return my angel’s wing
my golden lamp and everything
to prove to you my love is true
I’ll go to hell to be with you



  1. Mr WordPress Said:

    ai lhav mhine.. ;)☺

  2. jsg1011 Said:


  3. mylenefrancisco Said:

    ayan comment nb toh?… heheheh
    keep the relationship more stronger and stay happy always..

  4. jsg1011 Said:

    tnks for the comment;)

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